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Autoseek UK - One of the Fish4Cars database providers
We have a very important message for all dealers including those who already have an Autotrader website - see below

We harness the power of the search engines and attract visitors by the tens of thousands.
Most of these are potential buyers - all doing the same thing, looking for their next car.
If you are interested in more buyers please take 2 minutes to read below. We know you will be impressed.

We will show you how we can guarantee you more customers based on our excellent record with our existing dealers - why else would we offer a FREE
1 months trial and no contracts to sign (stop when you like).
Who are we ?

Autoseek UK

Autoseek UK is a used car website that was founded in 1998 and has since become one of the busiest sites on the net
With thousands of visitors daily to Autoseek plus all stock being added to the Fish4Cars database we are generating massive amounts of business for our dealer sites.
Our association with Fish4Cars means 10's of 1000's of potential buyers for your stock.

Also, unlike some other online websites, when you follow the "More detail " you are brought to the exact car for sale and not a sales ad for their own site.
Visitors from Fish4Cars will see your cars.

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Why is Autoseek so busy ?

As you will know, the leading source of traffic to any website is from the major search engines

The reason Autoseek has so many visitors per day is our never ending hard work at getting some of the highest rankings on all the major search engines including Yahoo Google Altavista Lycos Hotbot Fast etc

This and the fact that our database is uploaded daily to Fish4 Cars are just two of the many ways we bring massive amounts of visitors to view your stock

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Already with Autotrader ?

You may already advertise with Autotrader and there is no doubt about the amount of business they can generate but the site they set you up with will not show up on the Major Search Engines
As more and more people search on the web, you are missing out on this huge amount of potential sales

This is where Autoseek can help
A while ago we pointed this out to one of our dealers (who already advertises with Autotrader) and from there decided to design a very simple microsite based on the important keywords and included his location
The site was designed to be fast, not fancy and to bring in 1000's more potential buyers.

This company J.E.Drury is now doing great business based on this
To see a search on the fastest and now most popular search engine on the web

using the words " cars sales welwyn"
click here

The same thing went for another of our used car dealers are Charnwood Cars of Kenilworth near Coventry. Try the same search engine Google using the term "car sales coventry" click here

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Having an optimized site

Having an optimized site will bring you a massive amount of new business

Reaching the top of the major search engines is essential for this to work but it is far from easy. Many sites make it for a short while only to dissapear, others never get seen at all.
This is where Autoseek can help. For a very small charge per month we will set up and run a "Microsite".
This will be designed to get you excellent results on the important seach engines
The reason this works is because we have people in place who have the know how and have been doing this with our own site for 4 years.
Please see GMB Cars example on right

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How much does it cost ?

Your 1st month is FREE
After that, including a FREE microsite, all it will cost you is only £60 +vat per month.

You can advertise up to 30 cars for less than £15 (+vat) per week (with the option to delete and add fresh stock immediately, some dealers are getting 50 cars+ advertised per month)

And remember all your stock goes onto

Autoseek UK (with over 5000 visitors daily)

Fish4Cars (with over 500,000 visitors a month)

and is also seen on the busy
Used Cars For Sale site (with over 2000 visitors daily)

And dont forget you can stop whenever you think its not working for you. (Thats how confident we are that it does work)
This represents the best value for money anywhere on or off the net

P.S Autoseek will bring you more business, we guarantee it, - but if you are still not convinced, why not give us a try anyway, after all what have you got to loose but a few minutes of your time (in fact you'd be mad not to) and remember, your stock will be on Fish4Cars within 24hrs

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If You Are Interested

Just fill in the details below and press "Submit"

Autoseek will send you back a temporary link to get you started
From this link you just add your stock

Please Note: Completing this form DOES NOT constitute any form of contract and you are free to terminate any dealings at any time.
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Search Engines

Here are some examples of just how well Autoseek and our sister site Used Cars For Sale do on the major search engines
Just click on their logos.

Using the search term "bmw cars for sale uk" on
brings up our affiliate site Used Cars For Sale in 1st place with Autoseek in 2nd

Now using the search term "ford used cars uk" on our affiliate site Used Cars For Sale is in 1st place with Autoseek in 7th

Try using the search term "used cars for sale uk" on

and we find Autoseek in 1st place.

Here are a few more Autoseek dealers benefitting from an Autoseek microsite

GMB Cars
To see their Autotrader site

click here
To see their Autoseek microsite

click here
If we try a search on Google for "Used cars Welwyn or Stevenage"
click here

Now if we try a search on Google for "Car sales Welwyn"
click here

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