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Cheap Car Insurance

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Cheap Car Insurance
Cheap Car Insurance

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Autoseek helps you search for the best and quickest way to find a quote for your cheap car insurance.

Every year thousands of motorists pay more for their car insurance than they need. The insurance market is changing incredibly fast and this means that this year's competitive quote may not be anywhere near last year's premium.

The latest British Insurance Premium Index from the AA showed that drivers can easily save an average of £150 by shopping around for cheaper car insurance.
Below we have four excellent companies that will give you cheap on-line direct quotes

The first is Lloyds TSB Insurance ( offer a wide range of general insurance products, such as home, car, travel, pet and health. They use a panel of leading home and car insurers to find the best possible deal for their customers, then give you an additional discount for buying online. Discounts are also available for pet and travel insurance.

The second is Tesco They are by far the most popular on-line company for supplying Car Insurance and Loans They offer highly competitive premiums, and 10% off when you buy online!

The third company The Insurance Centre will quote on a wider range of drivers but the questions you need to answer first are more numerous and thus does take a bit longer.

To search out your cheaper car insurance please select the company you prefer below.

Lloyds TSB Insurance is one of the UK’s leading insurance companies. Their products include car, home, travel, pet and health insurance and they use a panel of leading UK insurers to find the best possible deal for their customers. They then give an additional discount of up to 15% for buying online

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Save when you buy online.
Tesco Motor Insurance offers great value cover that won't put a dent in your wallet! Pay with Clubcard Vouchers! Now you can save cash by paying for Tesco Motor Insurance with Clubcard vouchers! more The benefits Highly competitive premiums, and 10% off when you buy online!

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The Insurance Centre say you are under no obligation to purchase insurance once a quote has been returned, but you are still given a customer reference number. This means that the next time you need a quote, by entering this reference number you will be able to skip all the Personal fields and simply enter your choice of Car. You are then free to compare insurance costs when budgeting your car purchase.