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Advertising your car has never been easier !

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Well you have come to the right place to sell your car - FAST. Autoseek are number 1 for value when selling cars - only £10 till sold

Autoseek UK offers you a powerful fast and
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And remember your car will also be shown on Fish4Cars, Auto Express, Lycos, Sky TV, NTL, Telewest, Froogle, Cardata, Mirror Cars and many more at no extra cost (see below) .

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You want one thing when advertising your car - buyers.
Autoseek have over 9,500 visitors a day and are very successful in finding buyers but this figure is increased dramatically by adding your car to the following sites including Fish4Cars

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When you advertise your car with Autoseek UK it is automatically put onto the Fish4Cars database (usual cost £14.95) and with over 1,000,000 visitors a month, virtually guarantees you finding a buyer. In so doing it is then populated to all the other sites supplied from their database including, Autoexpress, Lycos, Sky TV, NTL, Telewest and over 150 local websites across the UK

Auto Express have for a long time been one of the best car magazines available and their website is also one of the busiest with such things as on-line car reviews. As Fish4 supply the database for their used car searches, your car will be seen on this popular site.

Auto Express

Internet portal Lycos also have a Fish4Cars search facility on their 'Cars' page

Auto Express

NEW Your car is also added to Froogle.
Froogle is the new Google store with literally millions of visitors every week

Your car is also added to the Cardata website. (usual cost £29.99). Cardata have been advertising cars longer than any other car sales medium..


Your car is also added to Mirrior Cars website.(usual cost £9.99). This is the cars page on the website belonging to the Daily Mirror. Their main site gets over 850,000 visitors a month.


Your car is also added to the Used Cars For Sale ( website. (usual cost £12.00). Used Cars For Sale has over 5,000 visitors a day due to its high prominence on the major search engines.

Example: Try "Used Cars For Sale" on the Yahoo search engine
click here and you will find it is at no 1

Your car is also added to the Auto-User website. (usual cost £29.99). This site is used regularly by thousands of visitors daily.

And when you consider that a usual advert on Autoseek could be worth over £30 alone then you can see you will be getting well over £120 adverts for only £10

As you can appreciate, this coverage WILL find you a buyer as long as you have priced your vehicle correctly
To make sure you are asking the right price, first visit Parkers Online

You can advertise your car until sold, add a picture and modify or delete your ad at any time. Advertising your car costs only £10 (inc vat) and considering your car goes on at least 14 of the busiest sites on the web + many more, this represents the best value anywhere. (one week in a local paper will cost approximately £15)
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Payment methods include cheque or credit card (via Netbanx secure server).
For peace of mind all card payments are made via a secure link to Netbanx using the highest encryption to guarantee security - Autoseek never see your card details, which explains why we have never had a problem with the security of anyones card details in over 7 years.

Autoseek have been selling cars online for over 7 years with amazing results. That is why many advertisers come back again and again.
Fact: Many of our used car dealers have been advertising with Autoseek since its launch in 1998. They wouldn't bother if we weren't successful.

Advertising your car has never been easier

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